For the longest time.

It has been a long time since my last blog post. So many things had come and go. So many lessons learnt. But I am not sure whether I am still the same despite of the changes in my surrounding. Having said that, I am already at the end of my first semester of my … Continue reading

I matter

Points to ponder, sometimes when we express our feelings on how we really feel, our views in things, somehow people would often have the impression on you that you are an uptight person. There’s no way around it. Always verical. Not flexible. You’re a no fun person. BORING. But seriously, must I adhere to your … Continue reading

This is how I feel

I know it’s a bit late but after reading the latest chapter of Beelzebub and Naruto..this is how I feel. Tihihi.. Those two mangaka never cease to amaze me.