This is how I feel

I know it’s a bit late but after reading the latest chapter of Beelzebub and Naruto..this is how I feel. Tihihi.. Those two mangaka never cease to amaze me.

Happy New Year…!

It’s been awhile and Happy New Year! Though I don’t think people would read this blog. Anyway, still in the mood of new year I have finally finished reading all the chapters in Naruto..yes, I am so slow like that and yes, I am a boring person sitting at home reading manga and watching anime … Continue reading

Not motivated

This is me today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after that, etcetcetc.. Photo: credit to the owner


While reading a shoujo manga makes me wonder when was the last time I go crazy over a guy? When was the last time boys calling me for no reason? Ah, how I miss those days.